The Game of Bridge. Explore the Fact and Fiction

Bridge has been played for a long time, first played professionally in 1925. It has always had an air mystery and elitism about it

Let us look at a more realistic point of view


"Bridge clubs are for old people"


The average age of a bridge club is usually 60+, But try and tell our members they are old and you will soon be put right

People of all ages are welcome


Bridge is a game for "posh people"

Bridge is often portrayed by television as a game played by the "upper classes" in their big houses


Nothing could be further from the truth, bridge may be played in the grand houses

It is also played in: Peoples kitchens/dining rooms; Church and village halls: Pubs, clubs all over the country


It is expensive to join a bridge club


Some clubs do charge an annual fee, these are clubs that normally have their own premises

Most clubs do not, Table fees are typically £1 to £3 per evening, and this often includes tea, coffee, and free parking

Unlike other sports/pastimes no expensive kit is required, as in golf for example

we all share the same decks of cards provided by the club


You have to be very clever to play bridge


Bridge is not a game you can learn in five minutes, but with professional training by the club

the game can be learned in small sections, new aspects being introduced as the player progresses


Bridge is boring


Bridge is a game played by millions of people all around the world

Players with 50+years of experience are common

You never play the same hand twice, In fact different people playing the same hand often achieve a different result


I can't play because I do not have a partner


At Telford Bridge Club partners are not required, a suitable partner will always be found

Guests and new members are always made welcome and will be looked after

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