Me Play Bridge.......Why?

Mention playing bridge to a non-player and you you can expect the same sharp intake of breath.

Why should I learn?

I have discussed the facts and fiction of the game in a previous post, so I will not go over that again

Its more on a personal theme that i would like to address my thoughts

Many people learn bridge after a "Sea change" in their lives, They may loose a partner by bereavement (as was my case), or divorce, separation or even the children leaving home to start new lives.

This can leave a big space in your life, You may feel lonely, mentally frustrated, angry, needing company, the list goes on.

So why Bridge?

From my experience the club membership is predominantly female, usually 60+. (But don't worry is not a "knitting circle")

You will find men and women from all walks of life, all ages,skills abilities and personalities

So now you have the chance to reinvent yourself, make new friends in your own right. Do not be remembered as the partner of ...........

It's unlikely you have met any of these people before, remember they were once in your place as well

You will be made very welcome, most bridge clubs have an aging membership so "new blood" is always good for a club

So get out of the chair, pick up the phone, send an email click the mouse, kick-start you life, you will not regret it

You will socialize with other people, improve your mental agility, partake in friendly competition, and enjoy a good night out.

I have played at a number of bridge clubs, they are all different in their own way. So if you have had a less than good experience in the past, do not assume all clubs are the same, try again


These comments are a personal point of view of the author, based on ten years experience of a number of bridge clubs

I can recommend you contact "Telford Bridge Club", in the first instance, and open the door to your new life.