A Christmas Quiz for Bridge Players

A fun quiz for bridge players

A Christmas Bridge Quiz

All the answers are words in common use in the game of bridge

1 The gateway between Afghanistan and Pakistani known as the Khyber ----------?

2 A generous size of a glass of Whisky is known as a ---------?

3 Possibly a seaside town in Norfolk. ----------?

4 To cease forward motion is to -----------?

5 To take notice of what is happening around you, you should be an----------Person

6 To obey another persons wishes you must follow their .--------?

7 Before a game can start, the sharing out of what

type inexpensive softwood?, usually pine, must take place -----?

8 At the end of each game, The Prime Minister may have to consider a cabinet -------?

9 An essential requirement of the game is that a "section of a ships floor" will be needed before play can commence,

known as a -------?

10 The players in a game of bridge are required in be in a formal relationship, usually known as a -----------?

11 It may be of an advantage for you to ------- in order prevent something from happening

12 During a game you may be accused of the error, of having your permit or licence----?

13. A prearranged action between two players is known as a --------?

14. A playing card named after the way a gentleman should treat a lady, with --------

15. The wearer of an Elizabethan neck garment was thought to be annoyed ------/-------

16. Sometimes it's small, other times considered a grand -------

17 The art of handling a very difficult situation requires a great deal of ----------

18. 40 all, what else can you call this card -------

19. Essential person in a film/movie production ---------

20. Often seen "Hanging around" in a shop window ---------